How To – Assembling the Rock Gym

We are always here to help at Danoz! 

Follow this video along with your instruction guide to ensure your Rock Gym is properly prepared so that you can start your new work out regime! 

STEP 1: Lay out all the parts as shown on the diagram

STEP 2: Release Pins (38)(39)(40)(41) from the machine

STEP 3: Be sure to find a flat surface. While the Rock Gym is in the folded position, bring forward the metal stand (2) then fasten with lock pin (40) so the machine can be free standing


  • A – Position swivel tube all the way down the insert lock pin (39)
  • B – Align rope band (15) to the swivel tube (4), then insert L-Pin (38)

STEP 5: Follow the arrow direction on diagram above to bring the seat back tube (5) up, then fasten the lock pin (41)


  • A – On the main frame. squeeze the two pop-ups on one side with one hand (1A),       and attach one side side of the tension spring (32) all the way until you hear   “click sound”. Make sure the tension spring is secure
  • B – Squeeze the two pop-ups on (28) then attache the other end of the tension spring (32) onto it until it is secure
  • C – Follow the same procedure with the other tension spring on the other side

STEP 7: To attach the push up handle grip (3) squeeze the two pop-ups at the end of the handle grip (60) and carefully insert the metal end into the opening on the main frame (1) and align the pop-ups with the holes. Make sure both pop-ups went through the holes and the handle grip is secure. Do the same with the other handle grip on the other side.


  • A – Insert the foam pipe (58) through the hole on the main frame (1)
  • B – Insert both leg supporter foams (33) onto both sides of the foam pipe (58). Firmly press the the caps (16) onto both ends of the leg support foam
  • C – Insert the other two leg supporter foams (33) onto both sides of the lower foam pipe on the swivel tube (4). Firmly press the caps (16) onto both ends of the leg supporter foam.

STEP 9: Using the claw hook (59) on one end of the power band (37) to securely hook onto one of the 2 hoops on each stand (2)

Your Rock Gym is now ready to use 🙂 Go to our YouTube channel for more How To Videos & Recipes! 

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