Aero Fryer Corn Flake Crusted Fish & Chips


2 x Fish Fillets

2 x Cups Corn Flakes

1 Cup Flour

2 x Eggs

1 x Lemon

Handful of Potatoes

Salt & Pepper


Cut Potatoes into Chips

Use Aero Fryer Mesh Basket

Lightly Spray with Oil then cook at 230 degrees for 10 minutes

Put Corn Flakes into a lunch bag then seal

Crush the Corn Flakes with the back of a Spoon

Beat Eggs for Egg Wash

  1. Cover Fish in Flour
  2. Cover Fish in Egg Wash
  3. Coat Fish in Corn Flakes
  4. Repeat until all pieces of Fish are covered

Turn Chip over and then place the Hi/Lo rack in Aero Fryer

Place the Fish on rack and put on the Extender Ring

Cook for 9 minutes on 220 degrees Celsius

Then turn and cook for another 9 minutes

After cooking remove and enjoy with fresh lemon juice! 🙂




Go to our YouTube channel for more recipes & How To videos









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