Meet our CFO – Ian Wainer

Every company needs an experienced CFO and with over 20 years experience in finance and omnichannel retailing Ian Wainer is just the right fit. So we managed to tear him away from his spreadsheets for 5 minutes (although we’re sure he was still picturing data while we were talking) to get to know the man himself.


Q. How did you start out in the Home Shopping Industry?

I was attracted to the industry because of its entrepreneurial spirit.  Coming from specialty retail the metrics are almost identical so the transition was easy.

Q. Who is your biggest influencer in business?

Richard Branson

Q. Who is someone you admire greatly?

Nelson Mandela

Q. What is your favourite product on the market right now?

FlavorStone Infusion Grill, it does everything I need and I only need the one pan

Q. What developments can we expect to see from Danoz in the future? 

Relevant real time information

Q. What is your favourite ALL TIME as seen on TV product?


Q. What is your favourite thing about working in Direct Response TV?

When the ads run and the phones ring

Now to get personal

Q. What is your favourite food to make?

Grilled chicken or fish with baked vegetables

Q. What one thing can’t you live without?

My ecco shoes

Q. What is your favourite book?

The long walk to freedom

Q. Who is your favourite singer or band?

John Lennon

Q. What is your favourite App?


Q. What is your life’s moto?

In the midst of adversity there is always an opportunity lurking around

Q. If not at Danoz, where can we find you?

With my Grandson, Ryder

Q. Biggest passion?

Helping people

Q. Biggest pet peeve?

Loud and aggressive people

Q. Any special talents?

I have a good eye for talent

Q. Lastly, anything else should know about you?

I don’t like vegemite, garlic or tomato sauce

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