Mission Australia – Together We Stand

Mission Australia has been helping Australians for over 155 years across categories such as homelessness and social housing; alcohol, drug and other dependencies; families and children; employment, skills and training; youth; mental wellbeing and disability support. In 2015 they supported 307,320 Australians, had over 38,830 supporters, worked on 589 programs and initiatives and had 3,450 volunteers!
This year Danoz have become a partner of Mission Australia. We believe in their mission to help all Australians and we support the hard work they do by supplying unlabeled seconds products and clothing for those that need it. This year we will attend the 2016 Annual Op Shop Fundraising Ball and help to raise funds and awareness.
We applaud Mission Australia for supporting Australians on their journey to independence and encourage everyone to do the same. For more on Mission Australia, or to donate go to https://www.missionaustralia.com.au/

2015 Mission Australia Stats

Mission Australia 2015 Statistics

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  1. Great Cause to be supporting!


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