H20 HD Steam Mop

Home Sweet H2O® Home

Take your steam cleaning to the next level with the H2O HD™ Steam Cleaner from Thane®. From the makers of the award winning H2O X5® Steam Cleaner, this High Definition steam cleaning system will make cleaning your entire home quicker and easier than ever.

The H2O HD™ is the powerful, multi-function steam system that cleans and helps sanitize your entire home easier and quicker than ever with just one machine. H2O HD™ uses ordinary tap water and turns it into super-heated steam to help sanitize and deodorize.

H2O HD™ Knows  No Boundaries!

Hand Held Cleaning for the Entire Home

Easily converts to a light, portable unit so you can steam clean

tough to reach areas.

No more ironing! With the Garment Steamer attachment, wrinkles fall out, creases melt away and your garments will be fresh and ready to wear.

Clean and kill germs without chemicals. Clean even hard to reach places effectively. Comes with the Jet Nozzle and Nylon Brush for maximum versatility.

Use it to clean your windows.Mirrors, glass, windows, and chrome get a streak-free clean with the Window Cleaning attachment.

  • Kills over 99% of bacteria. Steam helps sanitize and deodorize your floors, carpets, upholstery and surfaces
  • The removable water tank makes filling it simple, and adjusting the steam flow with our digital steam control
  • Lightweight & easy – Weighs less than 5lbs
  • Removes pet odors and stains from carpet & upholstery
  • The extra large 360° cleaning head enables you to cover more surfaces in less time
  • Quick release unit detaches from the mop at the touch of a button
Get yours Here or by calling 1300 326 606

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