How Will FlavorStone® 
Change the Way You Cook?
All the flavor without the oil
 • Cleans easily with just one wipe 
• Perfectly even heat distribution
Highly durable and abrasion resistant
 • Shortened cooking times
PFOA-Free surface
Multi-Ply Construction Eliminates Hot Spots 
 FlavorStone® pans are so efficient that you never need to cook on high,
your foods cook evenly, and you spend less time slaving over a hot stove top.

Save Energy and Money on Energy Bills! You only need a medium heat setting or lower. 

Light-weight and balanced, FlavorStone® pans are manufactured using a multi-ply construction process. This technique is designed to ensure even heat disbursement throughout the entire cooking area.

Superior Sapphire Non-Stick!

Call 1300 326 606 to order, click on the link below


One Comment Add yours

  1. Leigh Charles says:

    Hello, we purchased the Blue Sapphire set with cookie sheet/baking sheet (whatever it is called). We never used them but now we have a new house and are ready to put our new cookware to use. However we lost the booklet. I can find out on the internet how to season the pans but not how to treat the baking sheet. I seem to recall that it was the only piece that didn’t require seasoning, or am I mistaken. Please advise, thanks.


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