• Faster, more flavorful cooked meals that save time, energy, space and money.
  • Healthier eating with no need for oils or cooking sprays.
  • Ultra durable PFOA-free non-stick surface.
  • 10 preset, one-touch cooking programs.
  • 1000W integrated heater controls entire cooking cycle.
  • Roasts, Sears, Bakes, Slow Cooks, Steams, Stews, and Sautés Faster Than Ever!

Everyday cooking is now fast, easy and delicious!

FlavorMaster™ is the incredible 10-in-1, multi-function, compact counter-top pressure cooker that roasts, sears, bakes, slow-cooks, steams, stews, sautés, warms, re-heats & so much more.

You can set it to slow cook all day while you’re away, or pressure cook delicious meals in just minutes when you’re home.


Get yours Here or call 1300 326 606 !

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