FlavorChef Express Kitchen System



FlavorChef™ replaces a counter top full of machines with the all-in-one kitchen miracle that slices, chops, whips, grates, crushes, juliennes, shreds, makes dough, vacuum seals, nutrient extraction, and a whole lot more!

The Complete Kitchen System

  • • FlavorChef™ Express Kitchen System Motor Base
  • • Master Jar with Lid and Pusher
  • • Blending Base with Travel Mug and Lid
  • • Multi Base with Spindle and Lid and: Chopping blade, Dough Blade, Circular Disc, Medium Slicing Blade, Julienne Blade and Coarse Grating Blade
  • • FlavorChef™ users guide
  • • 10 Minute Quick Fix Recipe Guide
 Additional Accessories
• Vacuum Sealer with Pipe
• Medium Vacuum Seal Container (600ml)
• 3 Vacuum Seal Bags (1S, 1M and 1L)
Want more? The FlavorChef™ even has a built in nutrient extractor!

Pulverize and emulsify the most fibrous whole fruits and vegetables, unleashing their key nutrients… so you get the most out of your vitamin rich smoothies.

Nutrient Extractors alone can cost $100 or more. You get yours built right into your FlavorChef™ Express Kitchen System at no additional cost!

Get yours Here or call us 1300 326 606

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