What REALLY Makes A Great CX with a Call Centre?

We’ve all been there…wondering who is this person on the other end of the phone trying to “upsell” me into yet another “free” product if I just spend only $49.95 more!

We sit there thinking, hang on…I just called to ask if the vacuum cleaner really can lift a bowling ball or the knife set really can cut through a shoe, which is a necessity in most households…isn’t it?

A great customer experience starts from the moment the representative answers the call; their tone of voice, their product knowledge and their ability to solve the problem. The customer needs to end the call satisfied with their purchase and the service received.

Now this article isn’t an ad for Danoz Direct but we have spent the last 6 months ensuring our team hits the mark EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
In fact, writing this article I asked the team to respond with what makes for a great CX and here is what they answered

Empathy, having Respect, Dignity, Great Product Knowledge, Product Experience, Cheerful Disposition, Problem Solving Abilities, Kindness and the general consensus of wanting the customer to know that you will do whatever it takes to solve their problem and provide them with a quality product.

So why are so many (and there isn’t actually that many call centres in Australia or New Zealand) falling behind and not giving this level of service? Is it because we simply don’t care anymore, or are we so desperate for a sale?

As I said above this isn’t an ad for our business but we think it is imperative to have on-going training, have the call centre representatives use and know the product inside out, always treat customers respectfully and do whatever we can to make their experience a happy one; after all a happy customer is what it is all about. Our sales and customer service teams are one team, this allows them solve problems on the spot and give customers what they need.

This isn’t something new or some scientific break-through but sometimes we need to take a step back, go back to the drawing board and get that quality of service back up and stay there before you can move forward as a trusted company.




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