Steam Vs Traditional Mopping

It’s a little known fact that Danoz Direct can actually be credited with driving the rise of floor steam cleaning in Australia; back in the 1990’s we launched the Steam Dream. While there was possibly one other company with a domestic floor steam cleaner in the market they weren’t advertising their product and at the time very few retailers stocked the product. Fast forward to 2016 and there are many competitors in the space and we, ourselves have had a number of products available each more efficient than the last.

No doubt a number of people out there have seen our infomercials or morning show advertorials and ask themselves “Does steam cleaning really work as well as regular chemical based cleaners or traditional mops with soapy water??” So this post is an unbiased comparison of Steam Vs “Traditional” mop and soap or chemical cleaners.

Steam Cleaning key benefits

  1. Kills 99% of household germs and bacteria WITHOUT chemicals. This means it is non-toxic; pet and child friendly, doesn’t produce allergens and doesn’t leave residue.
  2. Most – note “most” not all, steam cleaners have multi-functions such as floor cleaning, bench top and surface attachments, shower, bathroom and window attachments and clothes steam attachments.
  3. Fairly fast drying as only small amounts of water are used in the steaming process as compared to a mop and bucket.
  4. Kills mould and mildew with high temperature steam.
  5. Arguably less “elbow grease” needed to remove tough stains so need for scrubbing and scratching surfaces
  6. Environmentally friendly…yes we are using Earths greatest natural resource: water but its not a large amount and we are not using chemicals so nothing untoward ends up in the drains.
  7. Economically friendly – again only utilising water and electricity. Although realistically you do have to buy the steam device/mop up front which can be a little expensive depending on the brand but that should be the only outlay of money.

Chemical Cleaning/traditional Mopping key benefits

  1. Scent – some people enjoy the scent of a freshly cleaned home. The scent will depend on the detergent and sprays you use but it can be quite inviting to have that fresh smelling home.
  2. It’s a real work out…especially if cleaning is the only exercise you get a good mopping and shower scrubbing session can really burn those calories! (according to around 112 calories per hour!)
  3. A vast variety of different products and materials on the market to chose from, of course there are a lot of steam cleaning products but there are literally hundreds of mops, sprays, buckets and detergents to suit your home, need and preferred scent.
  4. Price – the initial layout is much less than that of a steam cleaning product.
  5. Ability to absorb liquid, which is great for spills that are larger than what you could absorb with paper towel.

Clearly both types of floor cleaning have their benefits. It’s really up to personal choice at the end of the day. The key is to decide what would work best for your home and know what you are using your mop for. If you want a fast and efficient, chemical free, bacteria-killing cleaner than a steam mop is your man, if you prefer the traditional clean-smelling, absorb-ability and different products for different needs; traditional is the route for you.

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We would love to hear your experiences with Steam Vs Traditional Mopping, drop us a line below or email us at





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